It's always refreshing to get my very first muse (11 years ago) behind my lens. It's been so moody in the PNW lately, and we decided to play it up a little bit. 




Photographer: Mattie Krall
Jan. 2016
35mm film, Portland, OR

I invited my muse-babe Brenna and her friend ( and creator of Gem and Point) Brittany over to my apartment to do an all-film shoot. Brenna and I always vibe well off of each other, and I love everything we come up with.  Apparently, we look alike in photos and even my own boyfriend has mistaken me for her multiple times haha. She's a small-boss-big-haired-blonde, so I take it as a compliment of course. I'm very much looking forward to more shoots like this in 2016. I adore home shoots, natural light, connecting intimately with my clients/models, and film. Head over to my instagram if you're curious about where her clothes are from, and to see some amazing Gem and Point jewels.