Backroads & Redwoods

...Summer ain't over til I say it is...

Today was spent with an old friend, Alyssa. We've always been adventurers together...taking to the road without any real destination...pumped up on coffee and the thought of getting out of town. The backroads of Santa Cruz are absolutely breathtaking, away from the clutter of downtown, and deep within the redwoods. The day was spent exploring in the woods, hiking past old railroad tracks, and river walking. I finally got to go to the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery which is outstanding. If you live in the area...go. Here's a few images of this honest, beautiful girl.


Happiness is only real when shared

Journal Entry: July 7th 2013

    I believe that part of "growing up," or maybe just growing up for me, is seeing a large part of my life's happiness attributed to the happiness of others. Maybe it's a little selfish of me, to feel better about myself when doing things for others, or maybe that's just the way life should be. I don't know. 

    In the past when I would see people surpass me with their personal life goals, relationships, etc. I would find myself whole-heartedly joyous for them, but also I would find myself occasionally comparing my own achievements to theirs, and sometimes harboring bouts of jealousy. As I continue to grow I notice these feelings leave me. I understand that I am my own. I am the only one who can make my dreams become realities. I am the only thing that can mold me into what I want me to be exactly. There is no point to compare myself to anything but my past self, and to the self I would like to be. 

     I notice myself wanting to spend more of my hard earned money on things to make the ones I love smile, writing little notes, calling family more, getting involved, and just...loving more. It's beautiful to see myself unintentionally turning more and more into the woman I hope to be...the kind of woman whose friends and family know they can count on me to be there without judgement and with love. I am proud to know with confidence that I've surrounded myself with kind, loving, good-to-the-bone-people. I am proud to love them. 

"Happiness is only real when shared."
-Into the Wild