Portland Winter

I had been aching to shoot with film in this beautiful Portland winter-weather, so I sucked it up and went to a local camera shop to get my favorite 35mm camera fixed. It turned out the camera only needed a tiny plastic part replaced, so the nicest old man in the world in my opinion, gave it to me for free. One of the days photographed above I went on a solo adventure as like to do. I drove for miles and miles through the backroads of Oregon, finding old bridges, tiny towns, and meeting some friendly faces whom ended up asking me onto their docked old fisherman's boat for a beer. Also photographed above is Portland's first snow of the year. The weather as plunged to below 20 and gives me a taste of being back in that Minnesota weather. I hear that it's rarely this cold here, and snow is an unfamiliar sight as well. They don't have salt trucks or snow plows here, contributing largely to me crashing my tiny car within hours of the first snowfall. Even through the crash, the snow makes it hard for me to stay mad at it. The cold air and dreary days put me in the holiday spirit and I've spent my evenings reading, watching Christmas movies, drinking hot toddies, and getting Christmas presents ready for those I love. Happy Holidays to you all!


When you are feeling at your darkest, it's the time to work the hardest. These past few days I let those haunting stresses start to drown me…money, too many jobs, and the "am I doing to right thing with my life?" constant question that we all battle. Sometimes, you just have to drink a bottle of wine to your face and vent to those closet to you. BUT the important thing is to light that fire under your ass and get back at it. After a few days of feeling defeated I woke up early, did some yoga, slapped on my favorite outfit, and dug into my computer for an entire day, e-mailing and making things happen for myself. This Saturday I have photography meetings with two incredible companies. If for some reason nothing comes from either one, I am still fortunate for the chances they are giving me, and that they even took the time to look at my work. Remember you are valuable, and that you have something positive to offer to the world.


A huge part of my happiness comes from the outdoors. I thrive off of finding new trails, smelling the sea breeze, camping with good friends, climbing to the top of a mountain, sunbathing on a river bank, waking up early to run through the woods… Oregon is so incredibly beautiful. I live in the city, but drive 10 minutes and you're cruising through winding roads covered in autumn leaves, waterfalls, 100 year old trees, everywhere aching to be explored. I miss living a block away from the ocean, but the hour long drive it takes now almost makes it even more magical. Here are some images from the past month from the Fruit Loop in Hood River, Garibaldi coast, Triple falls, Tilamook, and the Columbia Gorge.


The Autumn Moon/ Fixation Magazine

The Autumn moon guides my way as I give myself to the night. The crisp new air fills my lungs and makes me feel alive


I'm over-the-moon excited to be published in issue #8 of Fixation Magazine. It's been one of my favorites ever since I first discovered it. The magazine is all film images from some of the most inspirational photographers. Follow the link to purchase the digital ($3.00) or print copy ($20.00) available and recognized world wide!

(disclaimer, there is nudity)

Model: Stephanie Leet
Images for Fixation Magazine
Unedited disposable camera film



Photos from this past weekend, the best weekend, with my man 

His film photos (the first 8 images above) are beautiful, & I wanted to share them.

Also, He creates.
(click the link below)


Tangled limbs in warm twisted sheets
I soak in your faded touch
We breathe each other in 
Remembering what had been lost
Promise and praise drip from our lips
We fall into one another
Our eyes grow heavy
And we sleep as intertwined as our bodies allow



I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

[bundle up, grab a thermos of hot hard apple cider, fill your lungs with crisp Autumn air, breath, and let yourself feel alive]